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Octaline and Octatray


Octaline & Octatray Disposable polypropylene trays for use in:

Western Blot staining
Dot blot staining
Cell culture
Hybridoma technology
Anti-virus antibody screening
The trays are designed for:

Reproducible staining
Minimal reagent consumption
Labour saving procedures
Elimination of contamination

The trays are molded in high-quality polypropylene in order to minimize adsorption of proteins and interference with sensitive enzyme reagents. Furthermore, polypropylene is autoclavable.



OCTALINE is a disposable tray designed for staining membrane strips, e.g. Western blots or Dot blots.
The 8 troughs are spaced for use with standard dispensing equipment for 96 well microtitre plates.
The troughs are shaped for minimal reagent requirement (typically 0.5 or 1 ml. per strip).
The use of Octaline saves expensive reagents as the staining of blotted proteins depends on the concentration rather than the volume of the antibody/enzyme conjugate.


The trays eliminate time consuming and potentially inadequate cleaning procedures. This ensures reproducible results.
The white polypropylene allows for optimal inspection of results.
The clear polystyrene lids minimize reagent evaporation and allow the trays to be stacked. This maximizes the capacity of the rocking platforms which must be used during incubation to ensure proper staining.
The trays are ideal as reagent reservoir in ELISA where different reagents og reagent concentrations are used for each row.
The trays are available with a trougt length of 17 cm, designed for the staining of strips from conventional, large size SDS-PAGE gels, as well as with a trough length of 10 cm and an overall dimension identical to the standard micro-titre formate.

Tecnical hint: It´s important, as in other formats, that the strips are placed in the troughs with the "front" facing up - the front meaning the side wich faced the gel.


OCTATRAY is a 100 ml disposable v-shaped reagent reservoir for use with 8 and 12 channel multipipettes designed for use in ELISA and cell culture work. They are suitable for any procedure that makes use of the standard 96-well configuration, as well as for Octaline.


Simple, safe, and inexpensive
gel-drying frames
for drying of SDS-PAGE gels
and agarose gels

No more cracked gels!!

Fully transparent.



OCTAFRAME is a set of rigid plastic frames to support SDS-PAGE gels between two sheets of cellophane for drying on the bench. The drying is a few hours in gentle stream of air. Drying between transparent cellophane sheets permits the quantification of proteinbands by scanning the dried gel when convenient. The dry gel may be rehydrated for further treatment or extraction of proteins.
The method has proved superior to widely used expensive apparatus and flows for drying of 1.5 mm thick (15 x 20 cm) 5% to 20% gradient gels, as well as gels for fluorography.

OCTAFRAME is supplied with binder clips. Inexpensive pre-cut special cellophane is available. Detailed working instructions are enclosed.

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